Development work

These are some of the systems I have development over the past few years

  • With the creation of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex CRC I developed a new secure web platform from the server architecture up. The system runs the KSSCRC website, and has a seamless WYSIWIG administration interface. The platform also has the capability of running as a secure Intranet and as a public access portal. The site is fully responsive in modern web browsers and in IE6.
  • Booking Manager. This system allows staff to book interview and meeting rooms throughout the county from their desktops. The status of the rooms in each office is displayed on a large screen in the corridors. Each corridor also has a touchscreen interface to allow bookings to be repeated. Each corridor interface runs a ubuntu web server pointed to a central database to display current status, and the touchscreens are all android tablets.
  • The digital waiting room system has been developed to display messages and create white noise in waiting areas. The system has improved over a number of years to feature multiple display options to cope with varying bandwidth and licensing. The latest version is based on a new range of Windows 10 micro PC sticks. Each unit synchronises it's content, allowing the information displayed to be easily updated. They also transmit their current status to a central control interface.
  • An Extranet is a digital mirror of an Intranet. Creating the Extranet provided numerous IT security challenges that needed to met. The system has been running successfully for the past 5 years.
  • I have built a website for a local curtain retail business. The customer wanted a vibrant bright website matching their store. The site included a custom content management system to allow all aspects of the site to be kept up to date. As well as building the site, I fixed a number of DNS and SEO issues, and recovered a lost domain name. This moved the site to #1 in a local google search.
  • Kent Probation's Website. Development of this website was from the ground up, with a bespoke content management system, authenticaiton protocols, and incorporating the latest web standards.
  • Whilst most of my work has been for Kent Probation, I have also created a number of websites freelance.

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